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The Biobalance Tool Kit provides a suite of analytical models and routines to estimate the mass balance of electron donors and acceptors in a chlorinated solvent plume emanating from a source area. These tools are designed to give site managers an approach to demonstrate whether the assimilative capacity of a system is capable of reducing or eliminating the mass flux of chlorinated solvents emitted from a source zone. The spreadsheet tool uses hydrogeologic, geochemical, and contaminant data to simulate the long-term behavior of sources at these sites.


  • Modeling
  • Site Screening
    • Remedial Process Selection
  • Tabular File: N/A
  • Graphical File: N/A
  • Output
    • Tabular File: N/A
    • Graphical File: N/A
    • Print Report: Yes
    • Chlorinated Solvents
    • Groundwater
    Technical Team Members
    • Hydrogeologist
    • Geo Chemist
    Biobalance - data loading
    Data must be entered manually.
    Biobalance - graphic loading
    Not applicable.
    Biobalance - logical flow
    The program is organized so that each worksheet logically walks the user through the required information. Cells that need to be populated are shaded to indicate "enter value directly," "value entered previously," and "value calculated by model." This organization makes it clear to the user the information that is required to be entered.

    •The "Help" button embedded in the toolkit itself did not work; an error message was received when the button was pressed.

    In response to this comment, the developer uploaded version 1.02, dated May 1, 2007, to their website.  This version provides all the help files with the executable file the user downloads from the website.  The Help button is now linked to electronic help files.

    Biobalance - expert knowledge
    User should either have expert knowledge of hydrogeology (or consult with a hydrogeologist) to enter hydrogeological information (such as hydraulic conductivity and gradient) into the General Information worksheet.
    User should either have expert knowledge of geochemistry (or consult with a geochemist) to understand certain decision points and output.
    Biobalance - functionality
    • Software worked with minimal "bugs." The only "bug" noted was that the embedded Help menus did not work.

    • The toolkit does not allow the user to save the work that has been completed in the toolkit and return later to view or modify it. Once the user clicks the close button in Excel, the user's work is lost.

    In response to this comment, the developer uploaded version 1.02, dated May 1, 2007, to their website.  This version now includes a “save report” button after the user has completed the four modules.  The button automatically saves the report (the Excel file) in the source directory.

    Biobalance - documentation
    A manual is downloaded with the toolkit and provides useful information for each module. Even with the manual, however, the user would still need access to expert knowledge of hydrogeology and geochemistry to use the tool effectively.
    • There were areas in each worksheet marked by "?" that explained or further clarified certain fields.
    Biobalance - output
    •  After the user works through all the modules, a button that reads "Print Biobalance Report" prints each screen that the user has populated, along with a summary page created by the toolkit.
    The user can also easily print each screen after a module has been completed.
    Biobalance - sources
    Biobalance: A Mass Balance Tool Kit, downloaded October 11, 2006 (version not listed).
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