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This website contains the optimization models and results from a demonstration project funded by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  The DoD funding was provided by the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP).

This project was titled “Application of Flow and Transport Optimization Codes to Groundwater Pump and Treat Systems”.  The purpose was to demonstrate the cost benefit of applying transport optimization codes to existing pump and treat systems compared to the traditional trial-&-error approach. The transport optimization codes couple sophisticated nonlinear optimization techniques with numerical simulations of groundwater flow and solute transport.  Three sites were used as case studies:

-         Umatilla Chemical Depot, Oregon

-         Tooele Army Depot, Utah

-         Former Blaine Naval Ammunition Depot, Nebraska

For each site, three optimization problems were solved by three independent groups.  This website contains the following files for download by interested parties:

-         ESTCP Project Technical Report. The technical report for this demonstration project

-         Optimization Code Demo Examples.  Example problems and results for the optimization codes provided herein.

-         Files for Demonstration Sites.  Site-specific MODFLOW/MT3DMS input files, the optimization formulation document, the optimization results (i.e., MODFLOW well package) and the summary reports from each modeling group for each demonstration site

-         Source Codes & Executables.   Executable files for the optimization codes demonstrated in this project, plus source codes and executables for the versions of MODFLOW96 and MT3DMS (flow and transport codes) used for each demonstration site.

NEW!  A 2.5-day workshop on the use of these techniques for the optimization of ground water pump-and-treat systems will be taught 17-19 March 2004 in Golden, Colorado.  Several participants in the demonstration project will teach the workshop.  The students will learn the basics of optimization problem formulation and will have the opportunity for hands-on use of the optimization codes applied in the demonstration project.  Tuition is only $200 as much of the cost for the development and presentation of the class is being funded through the ESTCP project.  The course logistics are being facilitated by the International Ground Water Modeling Center and registration is through its website:  Please see the course brochure (Adobe Acrobat format 139 Kb) for more information.

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