Transport Optimization Code Demonstration Project

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Source Codes & Executables

    Download executables plus documentation for:

        -         Optimization code MGO developed by Dr. Chunmiao Zheng of University of Alabama

        -         Optimization code SOMOS developed by Dr. Richard Peralta of Utah State University

    Download source code and executables plus documentation for:

        -         MODFLOW 96 (Standard) (zip 551kb) groundwater flow code used for Umatilla and Tooele sites, with link package to MT3DMS version 4.0  

        -         MODFLOW96 (Modified for Blaine Site) (zip 430kb) groundwater flow code used for Blaine site, to eliminate the dry cells caused by numerical oscillation  

        -         MT3DMS version 4.0 (zip 371kb) groundwater transport code used for all three sites  

Optimization Code MGO

-         Readme.txt  (txt 2kb) for installation details 

-         mgo2003.exe  (self-extracting zip 4764kb) installation file, a self-extracting zip file that contains a complete version of Modular Groundwater Optimizer (MGO) developed by Dr. Chunmiao Zheng and Dr. P. Patrick Wang at the University of Alabama in cooperation with Groundwater System Research Ltd 

Optimization Code SOMOSWeb

-         SOMOS instructions &  Data Files Info.pdf (Adobe Acrobat, 84 kb) for installation details

- (Zip File, 10,518kb) Contains Zip file with SOMOS code, MODFLOW, MT3D, Data Files, Manual.  SOMOSWeb developed by Dr. Richard Peralta and others at the Utah State University Systems Simulation and Optimization Laboratory in the Department of Biological and Irrigation Engineering Department

This page last updated:  03 June 2004