Remedial Action Cost Engineering Requirements (RACER®) System


A PC-based system originally developed in 1992 by the U.S. Air Force. The system uses a methodology for generating location-specific program cost estimates. The system allows the user to select the desired models from a list of available technologies, define the required parameters in the selected technology, and tailor the estimate by verifying and editing secondary parameters. RACER® calculates quantities for each technology; localizes unit costs for materials, equipment, and labor; adjusts unit prices for safety and productivity losses; and applies markups to account for indirect costs. RACER® uses current multi-agency pricing data, and is researched and updated annually to ensure accuracy. In addition to users within the Federal government, RACER is used by a variety of state regulatory agencies, engineering consultants, facility owners and operators, financial institutions and law firms.

RACER® currently addresses environmental investigations and cleanup projects. The parametric estimating methodology upon which RACER® is based also can be applied to other environmental cost estimating needs. Over the last several years, RACER® has been modified to include models for addressing ordnance and explosive waste ("OEW"), now Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC). The system also has been modified to address remediation of radiological contamination.

RACER® Software Review (231KB/9pp/PDF)

Current Version

RACER 11.2 (Technical Support)

Point of Contact

Mr. Layi Oyelowo
U.S. Air Force/AFCEC