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Remediation Optimization

Remediation Process Optimization (RPO) involves systematic monitoring and evaluation to detect and respond to changes in performance. System optimization offers benefits that include enhanced protectiveness, reduced cost, shortened cleanup times, and the increased likelihood of site closeout.

  • General – General optimization tools, processes, and broad-based optimization projects with definitions of optimization acronyms. RSO points of contact for FRTR members are also listed.
  • Optimization Case Studies – Searchable database of case studies of specific optimization efforts at FRTR member sites.
  • Monitoring Optimization – Approaches for increasing efficiency, reducing cost, identifying uncertainty, and increasing reliability of long-term monitoring.
  • Simulation Optimization – Use of mathematical optimization techniques coupled with groundwater simulation models to determine optimal pumping locations and rates for plume containment and/or cleanup.
  • Treatment Technology Optimization – Information on specific in situ and ex situ remedial technologies.
  • Meeting and Conference Materials – Information and materials from events related to remediation system optimization.