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Current Publications

The following publications have been issued under the auspices of the FRTR or FRTR member agencies. Other publications related to topics of interest to FRTR are cited, as appropriate in other sections of this web site, and many background research and technology documents (more than five years old) are available in the Archives section.

  • Renewing FRTR to Meet Future Remediation Technology Needs for Member Agencies (May 2023)
    This document identifies current and future focus areas for upcoming FRTR activities, based on a synthesis of information, insights and technical needs presented by senior leaders of the FRTR member agencies at the May 2021 public meeting sessions "FRTR at 30 Years: Grand Challenges and Opportunities for Advancing Remediation Technologies". This document also identifies focus areas for interagency cooperation both in addressing shared remediation challenges and in advancing innovative site cleanup technologies.
    Download Document (17pp/455KB/PDF)
  • Remedy Protectiveness and Climate Resilience in Site Cleanups: Policies, Guidance and Implementation Tools (November 2021)
    This document was compiled to facilitate discussions at the Fall 2021 FRTR meeting, which focused on sharing information about adapting remediation projects to changing climate conditions. The document provides links to relevant federal agency policies and directives, vulnerability assessment tools and resilience planning guides as well as each agency's climate action plan responding to Executive Order 14008, Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad.
    Download Document (5pp/227KB/PDF)
  • Radionuclide Resources (May 2021)
    This new Radionuclide Resources section features a list of FRTR member-agency resources that address the characterization and remediation of radionuclides in the environment.
  • The Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable: 30 Years of Advancing Interagency Cooperation and Technology Innovation (November 2020)
    This 4-page factsheet highlights the interagency cooperation and technology innovation of the FRTR over the last 30 years including technology transfer successes, benefits of collaboration, current priorities and initiatives, and future priorities.
    Download Document (4pp/3.65MB/PDF)
  • Bibliography of Guidance and Information Sources on Subsurface Modeling to Support Site Remediation (September 2020)
    This document, produced by an ad hoc steering committee formed at the May 22, 2019 FRTR's Modeling in Support of Site Remediation meeting, is an organized search of guidnce documents by FRTR agencies and industry on subsurface modeling in support of site remediation. The information sources identified in this document are to assist practitioners involved in their site remediation, contaminant source characterization, and remediation activities.
    Download Document (31pp/342KB/PDF)