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Technology Screening Matrix

FRTR | Remediation Technologies Screening Matrix

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A user-friendly tool for screening potentially applicable technologies for a remediation project. The matrix allows you to screen 49 in situ and ex situ technologies for either soil or groundwater remediation. Variables used in screening include contaminants, development status, overall cost, and cleanup time. In-depth information on each technology is also available, including direct links to the database of cost and performance reports written by FRTR members.

Development Status

Treatment Type


Implementation Status

Contaminant Class Effectiveness

Profile Treatment Type Laboratory/Bench Scale Pilot Studies Full Scale Remediate an Entire Site Remediate Source Only Part of a Technology Train Final Remedy at Multiple Sites Attain Cleanup Goals in Multiple Sites Commercially Available Nationwide Limited Commercial Availability Research Organizations and Academia Nonhalogenated VOC Halogenated VOC Nonhalogenated SVOC Halogenated SVOC Fuels Inorganics Radionuclides Munitions Emerging Contaminants
In Situ Thermal Treatment In situ physical/chemical I/D
Water Treatment Technologies Ex-situ physical/chemical                  
Monitored Natural Attenuation In situ biological N/A I/D I/D
In Situ pH Control In situ physical/chemical I/D
In Situ Chemical Reduction In situ physical/chemical N/A N/A N/A N/A I/D
Cometabolic Bioremediation In situ biological N/A N/A I/D
Soil Vapor Extraction In situ physical/chemical N/A N/A N/A
Sediment Capping with Amendments Ex situ physical/chemical I/D I/D I/D
Monitored Natural Recovery and Enhanced Monitored Natural Recovery In situ physical/chemical I/D
Bioventing In situ biological I/D
Phytoremediation In situ biological I/D
Air Stripping Ex Situ Ex situ physical/chemical
Air Stripping In Well In situ physical/chemical I/D
Desorption and Incineration Ex Situ Thermal Treatment I/D
Solidification and Stabilization In situ physical/chemical N/A
Soil Flushing In situ physical/chemical I/D
In Situ Combustion In situ physical/chemical
Free Product Recovery Technologies In situ physical/chemical N/A N/A N/A
In Situ Activated Carbon In situ physical/chemical I/D I/D I/D I/D I/D
Electrokinetic-Enhanced Remediation In situ physical/chemical I/D I/D I/D
Enhanced Aerobic Bioremediation In situ biological I/D
Disinfection Ex situ physical/chemical I/D I/D I/D I/D I/D I/D I/D I/D I/D
Biopiles Ex situ biological I/D
Biowalls In situ biological
Dredged Material Processing Technologies Other
Landfarming Ex situ biological I/D
Amendment Injection In situ physical/chemical Pilot Studies I/D
Biogeochemical Transformation In situ biological
Composting Ex situ biological I/D
Directional Wells In situ physical/chemical I/D I/D I/D I/D I/D I/D I/D I/D I/D
Enhanced In Situ Reductive Dechlorination for Groundwater In situ biological I/D
In Situ Chemical Oxidation In situ physical/chemical I/D
MEC Consolidated Detonation Ex situ physical/chemical
MEC Contained Detonation Chamber Ex situ physical/chemical N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
MEC Screening Ex situ physical/chemical N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Multi Phase Extraction In situ physical/chemical
Natural Source Zone Depletion In situ biological I/D N/A I/D N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Permeable Reactive Barriers In situ physical/chemical I/D
Sediment Capping Ex situ physical/chemical I/D
Soil Washing Ex situ physical/chemical N/A
Environmental Dredging Ex situ physical/chemical
Vapor Treatment Technologies Air emission/off-gas                  
Bioreactors Ex situ biological I/D
Constructed Wetlands Ex situ biological I/D
Landfill and Soil Capping Ex situ physical/chemical I/D
Groundwater Pump and Treat Ex situ physical/chemical
Air Sparging In situ physical/chemical
Large Diameter Auger Mixing In situ physical/chemical I/D
Excavation and Off-Site Disposal Other