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Environmental Protection Agency AMDTreat Overview  

AMDTreat is used for predicting the costs associated with construction of passive and active water treatment systems for acid mine drainage (AMD) problems. The program can estimate capital as well as annual costs, so an accurate cost can be estimated for the life of the treatment system. The program requires site-specific user input, including water quality, material, and site information. The program includes default rates for the materials and labor; however, the user may also enter site- or area-specific rates.


AMDTreat Home Site
  • Cost Estimating
  • Calculators (Water Quality)
  • Input
  • Tabular File: NA
  • Graphical File: NA
  • Output
    • Tabular File: NA
    • Graphical File: NA
    • Print Report: Yes
    • Metals
    • Surface Water
    • Groundwater
    Technical Team Members
    • Engineer
    • Geochemist
    AMDTreat - data loading
    • Data must be entered manually.
    AMDTreat - graphic loading
    • Not applicable.
    AMDTreat - logical flow
    • Manual instructs user that there are three steps to cost estimating: (1) user enters data on water quality and quantity; (2) user selects a treatment technology, (3) user modifies the treatment technology to meet site criteria.
    • Each popup window for data entry (water or treatment) displays numbered steps that the user follows during data entry; these steps are also linked to some of the Help file information.
    • Help files include detailed information about each of the treatment technologies.
    AMDTreat - expert knowledge
    • The software will not help the user select a treatment technology; it provides only information on cost. The user must know the type of technology that will be used.
    • To obtain accurate cost information, the user must have in-depth knowledge of the water quality, the layout of the site, and the technology.
    • Input from an engineer or geochemist is recommended.
    AMDTreat - functionality
    • Software worked with minimal "bugs." The only apparent "bug" was noted when trying to create a report of the alkalinity calculator.
    • Software provides calculators to help the user calculate some of the required information. The software allows the user to estimate some input values.
    • User must have experience in or knowledge of the selected technology to cost it accurately. The user can vary certain information about materials, efficiencies, and related factors to adjust costs based on the information available.
    • Software has built-in standard costs for various components of the cost estimate, including piping, materials, labor and laboratory costs.
    • Software allows for multiple methods to clear and grub a site: user can input site-specific dimensions of each treatment area, or can use an industry standard if user is unsure of dimensions.
    • User can customize each technology to meet certain goals and re-enter the customized outputs into another cost scenario.
    • Software calculates capital and annual cost so the cost of the treatment technology can be calculated for the life of the project.
    AMDTreat - documentation
    • Help files discuss in detail how each treatment technology works and the inputs required to cost each accurately
    • Manual provides definitions for nearly every input required by the user.
    • Help menus are easy to access with a point and click, and they aid the user in indentifying the type of data needed to use in the model.
    AMDTreat- output
    • Software creates printable reports of each input screen generated and an overall output of the cost summary page.
    • AMDTreat does not generate graphical output.
    AMDTreat - sources
    • Version 3.1c downloaded November 29, 2004.
    • Help Menus.
    • Tutorials.
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