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Environmental Protection Agency ARAMS Overview  

ARAMS is a software platform that incorporates various existing databases and models for source descriptions, media fate and transport, exposure pathways, intake and uptake, and effects (health impacts) into a conceptual site model (CSM) framework. The hub of ARAMS is an object-oriented CSM based on the Framework for Risk Analysis in Multimedia Environmental Systems (FRAMES). The CSM links pathway-specific risk models and databases to estimate human health or ecological risk.


ARAMS Home Site
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Conceptual Site Model
  • Human Health Risk Assessment
  • Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Input
  • Tabular File: NA
  • Graphical File: NA
  • Output
    • Tabular File: *.xls *.txt
    • Graphical File: NA
    • Print Report:Yes
    • Metals
    • Chlorinated Solvents
    • SVOCs
    • Pesticides/PCBs
    • Petroleum
    • Radionuclides
    • Soil Sediment
    • Air
    • Surface Water
    • Groundwater
    Technical Team Members
    • Risk Assessor
    ARAMS- data loading
    • Data must be in SCFImportTemplate form.
    • Data that were not in the correct template form were not accepted by ARAMS, and Microsoft Excel forced the application to close.
    ARAMS - graphic loading
    • Not applicable.
    ARAMS - logical flow
    • For each module, the user must select General Information, User Input, and Run Model.
    • Data entered under the General Information step must be entered in the correct format, or the module will not permit the user to advance to the next step of User Input.  The User Input choice becomes “grayed out” and unselectable.
    ARAMS - expert knowledge
    • User should be familiar with the terminology for risk analysis and chemistry.
    • User must have knowledge of chemical properties and terminology to input appropriate parameter values into models.
    ARAMS - documentation
    • Tutorials are pdf documents presented on the website and provide step-by-step procedures.
    • Demonstration can be downloaded from the website and explains functionality.
    • Help menus describe ARAMS functions.
    ARAMS - output
    • Reports are generated as Microsoft Excel tables or text documents.
    ARAMS - sources
    • Version 1.2 downloaded November 30, 2004.
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