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Environmental Protection Agency CAMEO Overview  

CAMEO is a system of software applications used widely to plan for and respond to chemical emergencies. The CAMEO system integrates a chemical database, a data management system, an air dispersion model, and a mapping capability. All modules work interactively to share and display critical information in a timely fashion.


  • Database
  • Emergency Response Tool
  • Regulatory Reporting (EPCRA)
  • Analytical Modeling
  • Input
  • Tabular File: *.mer
  • Graphical File: *.jpg, *.bmp, *.gif, *.tif, *.pcx
  • Output
    • Tabular File: *.zip
    • Graphical File: *.jpg, *.bmp, *.gif, *.tif, *.pcx
    • Print Report: Yes
    • Metals
    • Chlorinated Solvents
    • SVOCs
    • Pesticides/PCBs
    • Petroleum
    • Radionuclides
    • Soil Sediment
    • Soil Gas
    • Air
    • Surface Water
    • Groundwater
    Technical Team Members
    • Emergency Responder
    CAMEO- data loading
    • The user can manually enter data into CAMEO; however, error messages were received when the evaluator attempted to manually enter data into the demonstration program.
    • The software can also import mer files.
    CAMEO - graphic loading
    • Not Tested.
    CAMEO - logical flow
    • All functions are clearly labeled in CAMEO.
    CAMEO - expert knowledge
    • Expert knowledge of emergency response is required to understand and use information in CAMEO.
    CAMEO - functionality
    • CAMEO can be used to assist front-line chemical emergency responders.
    • CAMEO helps users meet the chemical inventory reporting requirements of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act.
    • CAMEO can be used in conjunction with MARPLOT (mapping), ALOHA (air modeling), and LANDVIEW (census information and demographics).
    • User can determine reactivity of chemicals.
    CAMEO - documentation
    • Users manual and demonstration lead user through various windows in CAMEO; however, several functions in the demonstration program did not appear to be functional.
    • Help window.
    CAMEO - output
    • CAMEO has the capability to print a facility report; however, the evaluator was unable to print the demonstration report.
    • CAMEO has the capability to print site maps; however, the evaluator was unable to print the site maps included with the demonstration.
    CAMEO - sources
    • August 2002 version downloaded October 21, 2004.
    • Version 1.1.2. downloaded November 22, 2004.
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