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Environmental Protection Agency Groundwater Sensitivity Toolkit (GW Toolkit) Overview


The Groundwater Sensitivity Toolkit was designed to help site managers, water purveyors, and regulators evaluate the sensitivity of a groundwater resource to a potential release of compounds of concern (for instance, a fuel oxygenated by methyl tertiary butyl ether [MTBE]) at a specific site. The toolkit runs on Microsoft Excel and comes with a user's guide.


GW Toolkit Home Site
  • Site Screening
  • Input
  • Tabular File: NA
  • Graphical File: NA
  • Output
    • Tabular File: *.xls
    • Graphical File:NA
    • Print Report: Yes
    • Metals
    • Chlorinated Solvents
    • Petroleum
    • Groundwater
    Technical Team Members
    • Hydrogeologist
    GW Toolkit- data loading
    • Data must be entered manually.
    • Some fields offer pulldown menus for data input.
    GW Toolkit - graphic loading
    • Not applicable. The Groundwater Sensitivity Toolkit does not support graphic loading capabilities.
    GW Toolkit - logical flow
    • Each module within the toolkit includes questions to guide the user. The user answers the questions, mostly "yes" or "no," with some that require a number input.
    • Pulldown menus for some fields are available for data input.
    GW Toolkit - expert knowledge
    • Groundwater Sensitivity Toolkit assumes that the user has some knowledge of hydrogeology.
    GW Toolkit - documentation
    • Users guide comes with downloaded program. It provides descriptions and steps associated with each screen.
    • There was no Help menu that pertained to the Groundwater Sensitivity Toolkit. The only Help menu is the Microsoft Excel help menu.
    GW Toolkit - output
    • Reports may be printed when all the steps are complete.
    GW Toolkit - sources
    • Version 1.0 downloaded November 24, 2004.
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