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Environmental Protection Agency On Site Overview  

On Site was developed to provide modelers and model reviewers with prepackaged tools (calculators) for site assessment calculations. These calculators provide methods and data for common calculations used in assessing impacts from subsurface contamination and encourage consistency in their application among a diverse user community. The components of On Site include:
  • Parameter estimates
  • Simple transport models
  • Unit conversions
  • Scientific demonstrations


On Site Home Site
  • Analytical Modeling
  • Calculators
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Input
  • Tabular File: *.txt
  • Graphical File: NA
  • Output
    • Tabular File: *.txt
    • Graphical File: NA
    • Print Report: No
    • Metals
    • Chlorinated Solvents
    • SVOCs
    • Pesticides/PCBs
    • Petroleum
    • Radionuclides
    • Soil Sediment
    • Soil Gas
    • Air
    • Surface Water
    • Groundwater
    Technical Team Members
    • General technical staff familiar with chemical fate and transport models
    On Site - data loading
    • Data must be entered manually.
    On Site - graphic loading
    • Not applicable.
    On Site - expert knowledge
    • The expert knowledge required is subject specific, depending on the calculator, model, or formula being used.
    • Models require specific types of knowledge to use with confidence. Examples of the recommended knowledge base include experience with the Johnson-Ettinger and Domenico models, the concept of uncertainty in model results, the characteristics of plume "diving," and experience with methods to average contaminant concentrations in boreholes and wells, calculate length of plumes etc.
    On Site - functionality
    • Some of the calculators, formulas, and models feature a button that will insert an example set of data for the user to see how the model or calculator works and presents the results.
    On Site - documentation
    • No Help menu is available. The web site provides the only documentation associated with the calculators, models, and formulas.
    • Specific documentation is associated with some of the calculators and models. (There is a hyperlink to supporting documentation.)
    On Site - output
    • Some of the models and calculators will produce a graph for output.
    • There are Save and Recall Data buttons, but they have been disabled by the developer under direction from EPA. (EPA states on the web site that the buttons have been banned by EPA's Office of Environmental Information.)
    • There is no report printing capability.
    On Site - sources
    • Web site interactive. Evaluated December 1-2, 2004.
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