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Cost Estimation and Cost-Benefit Analysis

Real-world solutions to environmental problems are sensitive to the estimated cost to implement the remedy. The DSTs featured on this page are specialized tools that may be used to provide critical support in estimating the cost of environmental sampling or remediation projects, or for choosing among alternative actions based on their costs. Rather than supplanting more general and comprehensive software programs that provide construction cost estimates, they are used to focus on cost components that are driven by environmental, geochemical, or geospatial considerations and information.

Decision Support Software Tool Functions Function Evaluated Interactive or File Tabular Input and Output Graphical Input and Output and Print Report? Contaminants: Metals, Chlorinated Solvents, SVOCs, Pesticides PCBs, Petroleum, Radionuclides Media: Soil/Sediment, Soils Gas, Air, Surface Water, Groundwater Potential Technical Team Members
AMDTreat Cost Estimating I    NA     NA     NA     NA     Yes      √      NA      NA    NA     NA      NA    NA     NA     NA       √         √ •Engineer
Software Home Page Calculators(Water Quality)         •Geochemist
FIELDS Visualization F     xls     dbf     dxf      jpg    Yes      √        √       √        √         √         √      √       √        NA      √        √ •GIS Technician
Software Home Page Initial Sampling                 txt      shp      tif     • Statistician
  Secondary Sampling                                     wmf     •Staff familiar with
  Geospatial Interpolation                                     eps     interpolation techniques
  Cost-Benefit Analysis          
  Human Health Risk Assessment          
  Ecological Risk Assessment          
SADA Visualization F    csv     csv      dxf     jpg     Yes     √        √       √        √         √         √      √       √        NA      √        √ •Risk Assessor
Software Home Page Initial Sampling                           shp     •Statistician
  Secondary Sampling         •Staff Familiar with
  Geospatial Interpolation         interpolation techniques
  Statistical Analysis          
  Human Health Risk Assessment          
  Ecological Risk Assessment          
  Cost-Benefit Analysis          
VSP Visualization I/F   txt        txt     dxf      dxf     Yes      √        √       √        √         √         √    √        √         √        √         √ •Statistician
Software Home Page Initial Sampling     xls                 shp     shp      
  Secondary Sampling     csv                          emf      
  Statistical Analysis                                     rtf      
  Cost-Benefit Analysis          
File input and output formats are represented in the matrix by the file extension.ASCII files, for example are indicated by the extension "txt."
EPCRA = Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-know Act
1 ERPIMS data can be imported through an Access file or a series of text files (.tes, .res, .sam, .ldi).
2 GeoSEM uses several GIS vector and raster file formats: DOD vector product format (VPF) , ESRI product files, CAD drawings (dxf), ASCI II grids, and georeferenced image formats such as geoTIFs, bitmaps, GIFs, JPGs, and ERDAS.
N/A Not applicable
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