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Compliance/Emergency Response

Initially developed to assist firefighters and first responders with easily accessible and accurate response information, emergency response tools have been enhanced and expanded to help emergency planners develop incident scenarios to better prepare for chemical emergencies. In addition, they have been developed to help facilities meet the chemical inventory reporting requirements of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA).

Decision Support Software Tool Functions Function Evaluated Interactive or File Tabular Input and Output Graphical Input and Output and Print Report? Contaminants: Metals, Chlorinated Solvents, SVOCs, Pesticides PCBs, Petroleum, Radionuclides Media: Soil/Sediment, Soils Gas, Air, Surface Water, Groundwater Potential Technical Team Members
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File input and output formats are represented in the matrix by the file extension.ASCII files, for example are indicated by the extension "txt."
EPCRA = Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-know Act
1 ERPIMS data can be imported through an Access file or a series of text files (.tes, .res, .sam, .ldi).
2 GeoSEM uses several GIS vector and raster file formats: DOD vector product format (VPF) , ESRI product files, CAD drawings (dxf), ASCI II grids, and georeferenced image formats such as geoTIFs, bitmaps, GIFs, JPGs, and ERDAS.
N/A Not applicable
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