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Remediation Technologies Screening Matrix, Version 4.0  
Appendix B: DOE Site Remediation Technologies by Waste Contaminant Matrix and Completed Site Demonstration Program Projects as of December 1996
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The DOE Technology Catalogue contains extensive information on technologies used for characterization, monitoring, and remediation. These technologies range from innovative/emerging to proven technologies.

Table B-1 was extracted from the DOE Technology Catalogue (Document No. DOE/EM-0235) to provide a complete listing of the technology information presented in that document. Detailed information about each listed technology can be obtained by referring to the DOE Technology Catalogue or by calling DOE at 1-800-736-3282 (7EM-DATA)

Table B-2 was reproduced from Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation Program, Technology Profiles, Ninth Edition (Document No. EPA/540/R-97/502). This table provides information on completed SITE Demonstration Programs organized in alphabetical order by developer name. Technology contact names and telephone numbers are also provided in the table.

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