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Remediation Technologies Screening Matrix, Version 4.0  
2.5.4 Common Treatment Train for Nonhalogenated SVOCs
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A treatment train is the combination of different treatment technologies. A system diagram of a common treatment train for nonhalogenated SVOCs is illustrated below. A thermally enhanced soil vapor extraction system is used to pull SVOC vapor from the contaminated soil. Electrodes are installed in the contamination zone to enhance the desorption of SVOCs from the contaminated soil. The traditional soil vapor extraction system then pulls out the SVOC contaminated soil gas. After initial thermally enhanced soil vapor extraction, in situ bioremediation is used to carry out the second stage cleanup because it is more cost effective. Air and necessary nutrients are pumped into the contamination zone to enhance the intrinsic biodegradation.

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in situ bioremediation thermally enhanced SVE

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