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Remediation Technologies Screening Matrix, Version 4.0  
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Sites where radionuclide contaminants may be found are mainly radioactive and mixed waste disposal areas. Potentially applicable remediation technologies are presented in Table 2-7. Typical radionuclide contaminants encountered include the following:

Americium-241 Iodine-129,-131 Ruthenium-103,106
Barium-140 Krypton-85 Silver-110m
Carbon-14 Molybdemum-99 Strontium-89,-90
Cerium-144 Neptunium-237 Technetium-99
Cesium-134, -137 Plutonium-238, -239,-241 Tellurium-132
Cobalt-60 Polonium-210 Thorium-228, -230, -232
Curium-242,-244 Radium-224, -226 Tritium
Europium-152, -154, -155 Radon-222 Uranium-234, -235, -238

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