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Remediation Technologies Screening Matrix, Version 4.0  
Appendix D Factors Affecting Treatment Cost and Performance
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Technology cost or performance is affected by waste characteristics and operating conditions. Because the relevant factors are technology-specific, the most important parameters are identified for each technology. These parameters should be documented, if possible, during report preparation and can serve as guidance for determining a field sampling program during site remediation.

The selected parameters for matrix characteristics and technology operation are shown in Table D-1 and Table D-2, respectively. These parameters were developed based on information in scientific literature and from technical judgment. These parameters can serve as a base level of data that is desirable to evaluate the performance of a technology across sites or from one application to the next. The matrix characteristics can be valuable in assessing the applicability of results from the completed project to other potential sites.

The measurement procedures and potential effects on treatment cost or performance for matrix characteristics and technology operation are shown in Table D-3 and Table D-4, respectively. These tables also indicate whether documentation is important for the listed measurement procedures.

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