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Remediation Technologies Screening Matrix, Version 4.0 4.51 Sprinkler Irrigation
(Ex Situ GW Remediation Technology)
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Technology>>Ground Water, Surface Water, and Leachate

>>3.12 Ex Situ Physical/Chemical Treatment

      >>4.51 Sprinkler Irrigation
Introduction>> The process involves the pressurized distribution of VOC-laden water through a standard sprinkler irrigation system.


Figure 4-51:
Typical Trickling Filter System Sprinkler irrigation is a relatively simple treatment technology used to volatilize VOCs from contaminated wastewater. The process involves the pressurized distribution of VOC-laden water through a standard sprinkler irrigation system. Sprinkler irrigation transfers VOCs from the dissolved aqueous phase to the vapor phase, whereby the VOCs are released directly to the atmosphere.

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Sprinkler irrigation can be utilized for any contaminant that readily transfers from the dissolved phase to the vapor phase (VOCs). The target contaminant groups for trickling filters are VOCs, SVOCs, fuels, explosives, and pesticides.

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The following factors may limit the applicability and effectiveness of the process:
  • Regulatory approval may be difficult to obtain because of the potential of direct release for contaminants to the atmosphere.
  • Ponding of wastewater may result from heavy irrigation.
  • Metal contaminated wastewater can't be treated.
  • Performance may be effected by temperature.
  • As CAA requirements become stricter, this technology may become obsolete.

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Data Needs:

A detailed discussion of these data elements is provided in Subsection 2.2.2 (Data Requirements for Ground Water, Surface Water, and Leachate).

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Performance Data:

Since sprinkler irrigation is a new process, little detailed or meaningful performance information is available.

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Not available at this time.

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Innovative Remediation Technologies:  Field Scale Demonstration Project in North America, 2nd Edition

Abstracts of Remediation Case Studies, Volume 4, June 2000, EPA 542-R-00-006

Guide to Documenting and Managing Cost and Performance Information for Remediation Projects - Revised Version, October, 1998, EPA 542-B-98-007

Battelle, 1997. "Remediation Technologies for Typical Contaminants and Media Types at Navy Sites," prepared for Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center Technology Application Branch, CA 93043.

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Site Information:

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Points of Contact:

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Vendor Information:

A list of vendors offering Ex Situ Physical/Chemical Water Treatment is available from  EPA REACH IT which combines information from three established EPA databases, the Vendor Information System for Innovative Treatment Technologies (VISITT), the Vendor Field Analytical and Characterization Technologies System (Vendor FACTS), and the Innovative Treatment Technologies (ITT), to give users access to comprehensive information about treatment and characterization technologies and their applications.

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Health and Safety:

To be added

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