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Remediation Technologies Screening Matrix, Version 4.0  
Section 5.1: Document Sources
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Documents and reports listed in the following reference listing may be obtained from the following sources:

EPA Documents:

EPA scientific and technical reports:
Center for Environmental Research
Information (CERI)

26 West M.L. King Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45268
(513) 569-7562
FAX (513) 569-7566
EPA/530 Document Numbers:
RCRA Docket and Information Center
Attn: RCRA Information Center
401 M Street, SW, WH-562
Washington, DC 20460
(202) 260-9327
EPA Document Numbers (except EPA/530):
National Center for Environmental
Publications and Information (NCEPI
11029 Kenwood Road
Cincinnati, OH 45242
FAX Orders: (513) 891-6685
OSWER Directives:
Superfund Document Center
EPA/Document Center
401 M Street SW, OS-245
Washington, DC 20460
Attn. Superfund Directives
(202) 260-9760
Publications from
EPA/Ada Laboratory:
Kay Cooper
P.O. Box 1198
Ada, OK 74820
(405) 436-8651


NTIS Document Numbers: (Non-EPA personnel must order EPA documents with NTIS numbers from NTIS.)

National Technical Information Service
U.S. Department of Commerce
5285 Port Royal Road
Springfield, VA 22161

To order reports: (703) 487-4650
For general information: (703) 487-4600

Order U.S. Air Force materials not available from NTIS from:

U.S. Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence
Brooks Air Force Base, TX 78235-5000

(210) 536-1110

Order U.S. Army documents from NTIS (see above) or DTIC:

Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)
Cameron Station Alexandria, VA 22304-6145

User Services: (703) 274-3848

Documents with CETHA or AMXTH numbers, not available through NTIS or DTIC, may be requested from:

U.S. Army Environmental Center
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland 21010-5401
(410) 671-2054

Documents with WES numbers, not available from NTIS, may be requested from:

Environmental Engineering Division
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Waterways Experiment Station
Vicksburg, MS 39180-6199

(601) 643-2856

Order U.S. Department of Energy documents with OSTI Numbers from:

Oak Ridge, TN 37801

U.S. Department of the Interior documents may be ordered from the Library of the Salt Lake City Research Center:

Salt Lake City Research Center
U.S. Department of Interior729 Arapeen Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84108

(801) 524-6112

Naval Facilities Engineering Services Center (formerly NCEL and/or NEESA) documents that are not available through NTIS may be requested from the laboratory directly:

Division Director
Code 411
560 Center Drive
Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center
Port Hueneme, CA 93043-4328



Documents available for viewing or downloading from the World Wide Web are linked directly to their corresponding web sites.

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