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Remediation Technologies Screening Matrix, Version 4.0  
Appendix C.5 Cleanup Information Bulletin Board System (CLU-IN)
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Sponsoring Agency: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Technology Innovation Office
Washington, DC
Description of Services: The CLU-IN is designed for hazardous waste cleanup professionals to use in finding current events information about innovative technologies, consulting with one another online, and accessing data bases. CLU-IN is used by those involved in the cleanup of Superfund, RCRA corrective action, and underground storage tank sites, including EPA staff, other federal and state personnel, consulting engineers, technology vendors, remediation contractors, researchers, community groups, and the public.
Data: CLU-IN has the following features:
  • Electronic messages allowing users to leave messages for individual users or to a large audience of users.
  • Bulletins that can be read online, such as summaries of Federal Register and Commerce Business Daily notices on hazardous waste, descriptions and listings of EPA documents, a calendar of EPA training courses, notices of upcoming meetings and SITE Program demonstrations, and the text of EPA newsletters.
  • Files that can be downloaded for use on the user's computer such as directories, data bases, models, and EPA documents.
  • Online Data Bases that can be searched on CLU-IN.

In addition, CLU-IN has special interest group areas (SIGs) with all of the functions of the main board, but limited to a particular group or subject area. Examples of SIGs include treatability study investigation, OSC/ removal, and ground water technologies.


Access: CLU-IN is also accessible on EPA/Hazardous Waste Clean-Up home page via World Wide Web.

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