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Appendix C.7 Defense Environmental Network Information Exchange (DENIX)
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Sponsoring Agency: U.S. Department of Defense
Description of Services: Defense Environmental Network Information Exchange (DENIX) was developed to provide DOD personnel in the environmental arena with a central communications platform that allows timely access to environmental, legislative, compliance restoration, cleanup, and DOD guidance information.
Data: The following information is available on the DENIX data base.
  • Current world, national, federal, and state news.
  • Service-specific news, events, and reports.
  • Current policy, guidance, and directives.
  • Legislative and regulatory news.
  • Environmental publications.
  • Training directories.
  • Environmental contacts directory.
  • Presidential and Congressional calendars.
  • Discussion forums.
Access: The DENIX contains some functional and informational areas that are restricted to DoD and State employee participation only. User authentication is required for access to these areas.

The DENIX homepage can be reached via World Wide Web at this URL address:

Hardware/Software: DENIX provides the capability to review environmental publications online, send and receive electronic mail via the DENIX host and the Internet, enter into interactive discussion forums about various subject areas, upload and download data files, and access listings of environmental training.
Contact: Contact DENIX

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