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Appendix C.12 Global Network for Environmental Technology (GNET)
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Sponsoring Agency: Global Environment & Technology Foundation
Annandale, VA
Description of Services: The Global Network of Environment & Technology (GNET) utilizes the latest communications technology to bring together the people, processes, and policies that shape environmental business. GNET provides services to enhance efforts to communicate, exchange information, and conduct business. GNET was developed by the Global Environment & Technology Foundation (GETF), a not-for-profit organization sponsored in part by DOE's Global Environmental Technology Enterprise initiative. GNET was created to promote the commercialization of innovative environmental technologies to achieve environmentally sustainable development. GNET provided an interactive communications service for the White House's Technology for a Sustainable Future Initiative, bringing together high-level environmental decision-makers and facilitating development of the national environmental technology strategy. "Bridge to a Sustainable Future". GNET services are used by the Interagency Environmental Technology Office, governmental agencies, business, and individuals in the environmental technology field.
Data: GNET has the following features:

Environment & Technology NewsBriefs - This special news service is provided weekly to members via e-mail, the Microsoft Network, or through the GNET World Wide Web site. Environment & Technology NewsBriefs is a round-up of executive summaries of the top stories in the environmental business field, called from over 750 published sources.

Environment & Technology Business Forum - GNET members can interact on-line with top environmental policy makers and executives through the monthly Environment & Technology Business Forum.

Environment & Technology Information - GNET provides data on environmental product and service marketing opportunities, contracts, Federal programs, policy and law, current events, and financing assistance.
Access: Access to GNET is provided via the World Wide Web ( and the Microsoft Network (go GNET)
Hardware/Software: To access GNET, you need a computer, modem, telephone line, and Internet access (with Net browsers such as Netscape, Mosaic, or Chameleon).
Contact: GNET Client Services
7010 Little River Turnpike
Suite 430
Annandale, VA 22001
703-750-6506 (fax) 

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