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Remediation Technologies Screening Matrix, Version 4.0  
Appendix C.17 Prospective Technology (PROTECH) and the Technology Catalogue
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Sponsoring Agency: U.S. Department of Energy
Office of Environmental Restoration and Waste Management
Washington, DC
Description of Services: Computer-based communication tool to describe innovative environmental cleanup technologies. ProTech can provide management support to IDCs and DOE Office of Technology Development personnel as well as minimize the time and effort that field personnel spend providing information on their technologies. It will provide more detailed technical cost performance data on deployable technologies advanced by the Office of Technology Development to its customers, DOE's Offices of Waste Management (EM-30) and Environmental Restoration (EM-40) and their contractors. The Technology Catalogue will take and use the data produced by Protech and be distributed to personnel throughout DOE and its laboratory system.
Data: ProTech is a system that has been approved to become a national system to describe innovative environmental cleanup technologies. The user is presented with a schematic that divides all technologies into five categories: drilling, characterization and monitoring, extraction, above-ground treatment, and in-ground destruction and/or immobilization of contaminants. Each of these categories are divided into "ID technologies" and "baseline technologies." The user can click on any technology and pull up a fact sheet describing the need and objective of the technology and a graphic describing the components of the technology.
Hardware/Software: Macintosh computer platform.
Access: The orginal ProTech Online version 3.1 can be downloaded via the World Wide Web at this URL address:
Contact: ProTech:

David Biancosino (DOE)
(301) 903-7961

Gretchen McCabe (Battelle Seattle Research Center)
(206) 528-3338

Technology Catalogue:

Joe Paladino (DOE-HQ)
(301) 903-7449

Nancy Prindle (Sandia National Labs)
(505) 844-7227

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