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Appendix C.18 Records of Decision System (RODS)
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Sponsoring Agency: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
Washington, DC
Description of Services: The Records of Decision System (RODS) is an online data base containing the full-text of the Superfund Records of Decision for National Priorities List sites nationwide. The Record of Decision contains information about the remediation technology to be used for a site, including the justification for why the technology was chosen. The RODS system can be used to:
  • Search for a Record of Decision for a particular Superfund site
  • Search for Records of Decision for sites with similar conditions, wastes, or media
  • Search for Records of Decision for sites that use a particular technology
Data: Each record in the RODS system contains the text of a single Record of Decision (ROD). A Record of Decision describes EPA's selection of the cleanup method to be used at a site. The ROD usually includes a history of the site, description of alternatives for cleaning up the site, rationale for the chosen cleanup method, cost estimates, and a responsiveness summary of the public comments received. The system can be searched by region, state, site name, ROD date, ROD ID number, media, contaminant, selected keywords, remedy, abstract, and full text.
Access: Direct access to RODS is available only to EPA staff members and firms that have relevant EPA contracts. Contact the RODS Help Line for an account. For those who are not eligible for direct access, searches will be done by an information specialist at the RODS Help Line.

Online access to RODS data is availaible through EPA's OERR homepage at this URL address:

Hardware/Software: RODS is located on EPA's mainframe computer in Research Triangle Park, NC, and is accessible through a computer, modem, and communications software. EPA employees may have direct access to the RODS system through their LANs or through access to the EPA data switch.
Contact: The EPA provides online access to RODS data.

The Superfund Public Information System (SPIS) on CD-ROM contains RODS documents and abstracts as well as CERCLIS and Archive (NFRAP) data. The SPIS CD contains the full-text of the official ROD documents signed and issued by EPA. The SPIS CD is available through the Government Printing Office (GPO), stock number 055-000-00594-9. GPO can be reached at (202) 512-1800 for pricing information.


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