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Appendix C.20 Research In Progress (RIP) Data Base
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Sponsoring Agency: U.S. Department of Energy
Office of Scientific and Technical Information
Oak Ridge, TN
Description of Services: The Research in Progress (RIP) Data Base contains administrative and technical information about all unclassified current and recently completed research projects performed funded by DOE. This file bridges the information gap that occurs between initiation and completion of a research project. It serves as a technology transfer medium, a management information system for use in program planning and implementation, a system for current awareness and networking for the scientific community, and a resource base for publishing summaries of research in specific programmatic areas. Data: RIP contains information on approximately 23,000 DOE research efforts. Records are maintained for five years after project completion. All information on file is updated annually or when significant changes occur. With each annual data base update, researchers may change the information to reflect current work.
Access: RIP is available to DOE and its contractors through the DOE Integrated Technical Information System. It is available to the public as part of the Federal Research in Progress (FEDRIP) data base on the DIALOG information system (a commercial system) for a fee. Some records and data elements appropriate only for DOE use are omitted from the FEDRIP version.
Hardware/Software: RIP is accessible by any IBM or compatible personal computer or Macintosh equipped with a modem and communications software capable of VT-100 emulation. FEDRIP is available via dial-up to the DIALOG system with a computer, modem, and communications software.
Contact: Kelly J. Dwyer
DOE/Office of Scientific and Technical Information
P.O. Box 62
Oak Ridge, TN 37831
(615) 576-9374

DIALOG Information Services
(800) 334-2564

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