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Appendix C.22 Soil Transport and Fate Data Base and Model Management System
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Sponsoring Agency: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Subsurface Protection & Remediation Division
Ada, OK
Description of Services: The Soil Transport and Fate (STF) Data Base Version 2.0 presents quantitative and qualitative information concerning the behavior of organic and inorganic chemicals in soil. The STF Data Base provides users with recent information on chemical properties, toxicity, transformation, and bioaccumulation for hundreds of chemical compounds. It can be used by environmental managers, scientists, and regulators working on problems related to vadose zone contamination and remediation.
Data: The software consists of three major components: the STF Data Base; the Vadose Zone Interactive Processes (VIP) Model and Regulatory and Investigative Treatment Zone (RITZ) Model; and the VIP and RITZ model editors. The data base includes approximately 400 chemicals identified by chemical name (as referenced in 40CFR Part 261), the Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) number, and the common chemical name. The VIP and RITZ models are one-dimensional models that are used in predicting the fate and transport of hazardous organic constituents in the vadose zone. The VIP and RITZ model editors aid in the creation of input files for the respective models and are designed to interface with the STF Data Base.
Access: Users can obtain a copy of the system and user manual by sending six pre-formatted diskettes (360K minimum) to the address listed below.

STF Data Base is also accessible on EPA's homepage via World Wild Web.

Hardware/Software: The hardware/software requirements for the STF Data Base and Model Management System are:

IBM-compatible computer
640K RAM
Math coprocessor (for VIP and RITZ models only)
12.5 megabytes of hard disk space

Contact: David S. Burden
Center for Subsurface Modeling Support
Environmental Research Laboratory
P.O. Box 1198
Ada, OK 74820
(405) 436-8606

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