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Appendix C.25 Waste Management Information System
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Sponsoring Agency: U.S. Department of Energy
Oak Ridge, TN
Description of Services: The Waste Management Information System (WMIS) is a dynamic system currently being developed as a management and planning tool. The system provides an accurate and complete resource for information pertaining to waste streams and treatment, storage, and disposal facilities throughout the DOE complex. WMIS in its present form is populated with mixed, hazardous, and radioactive waste data from the various DOE sites. As DOE's primary waste management information system, WMIS supports a variety of DOE programs as well as customizing reports to meet the needs of specific projects. During FY 1993, WMIS was migrated from a VAX 8700 mainframe to a microcomputer-based environment.
Data: The data exists in two major areas:
  • Treatment, Storage, and Disposal (TSD) Capabilities a compilation of DOE facilities, both existing and planned, for the treatment, storage, and disposal of waste. Storage capabilities, capacities, and information on types of acceptable feedstocks are included. Treatment and disposal methodologies are presented with operating parameters and restrictions.
  • Waste Profiles data on the various wastestreams that have been identified for waste management activities. Data includes generation rates, quantities, characterization, point of contact information, and applicable waste management options.

The data in the two areas presented above are being merged through an artificial link that enables the user to determine which waste profiles or wastestreams are managed at the facilities listed in the TSD Capabilities.

Access: Direct access to the system is available at DOE Headquarters.
Hardware/Software: The data base resides on a Novel local area network and applications are written in FoxPro.
Contact: Lise Wachter, HAZWRAP
Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 2003, MS-7606
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-7606
(615) 435-3281

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