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Appendix C.27 Center For Environmental Research Information (CERI)
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Contact: By Mail
USEPA Headquarters Office of Research and Development 
National Center for Environmental Research Office of the Director 
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20460 
Mail Code: 8722R
or at 
Description of Services: CERI is the focal point for the exchange of scientific and technical environmental information produced by EPA. It supports the activities of the Office of Research and Development (ORD), its laboratories, and associated programs nationwide.

Additional information on CERI can be found on the World Wide Web at: 

Primary Focus: CERI's technical information components are responsible for the production and distribution of scientific and technical reports, and for responding to requests for publications. CERI publishes brochures, capsule and summary reports, handbooks, newsletters, project reports, and manuals. Services are provided to EPA employees; federal, state, and local agencies; businesses; and the public.

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