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Appendix C.28 Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)
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Primary Contact:
 DTIC's Administrator is Kurt Molholm and the Deputy Administrator is R. Paul Ryan
Address: Defense Technical Information Center
Building 5, Cameron Station
Alexandria, VA 22304-6145
Telephone: (703) 274-3848
DSN 284-3848
Fax: (703) 274-9274
Description of Services: The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) is the central point within the Department of Defense (DOD) for acquiring, storing, retrieving, and disseminating scientific and technical information (STI) to support the management and conduct of DOD research, development, engineering, acquisition planning, and studies programs. DTIC's governing regulation is DOD Directive 3200.12, DOD Scientific and Technical Information Program. To carry out its mission, DTIC pursues a program for applying advanced techniques and technologies to DOD STI systems to improve services and information transfer effectiveness.

The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) is accessible on the World Wide Web at this URL address:

Primary Focus: DTIC's collection includes topics normally associated with Defense research, such as aeronautics, missile technology, space technology, navigation, and nuclear science. Because DOD's interests are widespread, such subjects as biology, chemistry, energy, environmental sciences, oceanography, computer sciences, sociology, and human factors engineering are also included. DTIC services are available to DOD and its contractors and to other U.S. Government agencies and their contractors.

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